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Kenika Singh, has 4 years of experience in the dynamic advertising and marketing industry. Her background in brand and content strategy, marketing communication, account management and creative ideation has had her navigating through an array of opportunities and challenges to build on. She enjoys being a part of the industry that thrives on ‘calculated creativity’ and likes the idea of making the most even when thinking inside the box.


Having her formal education in nearly all streams - Commerce, Science and Arts, she prides herself for this oddity and loves to explore other concepts such as sociology & anthropology, everyday philosophy, design thinking that fuel her curiosity as well as advance her professional competencies. 


Every failure is a positive trigger towards an opportunity lurking around a corner. Once at work, she lost a client due to a limited technical understanding in building a website. This triggered her to create her own website and overcome the challenge. Being a humble content creator at heart, she strives to give a voice to her ‘innervoice’ and reach out to an audience who likes to explore content that evokes interpretation. 


Ping away, sometimes a simple hello opens doors to endless possibilities.

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