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In Silence, We Believe

This is a brief analogy about Silence, personified — who believed in human beings and learnt the lesson the bitter way. Read away to be amused!

If Silence could speak today, he would speak of those many opportunities that came but never saw the daylight. He would speak all the words he gulped with a mouthful of regret and vinegar. Throughout his journey, Silence has been an enemy to self, you can perhaps read a small excerpt from his autobiography hidden inside his intestines. Well, Silence is capable of throwing odd humor balls at you once in a while. Don’t be mistaken, though. He has unsettled fury behind his vowels.

Long ago, Silence did speak and leave human beings aghast. The entire episode resulted in offense hanging from their jaws and perspective leaking in gallons from their crotches. It was a day he took a few random oaths and circled the date in his personal calendar with a red marker. He even gave it a title which will remain undisclosed until further notice.

What is still surprising is that Silence supports all the hues from the color wheel but people continue to see him as a grey character. If there was even the slightest possibility that they could interpret his vowels without having the meaning lost in translation, a lot of emotions could have been saved. Whoever of them have survived are living a life of comedians and only perform in empty theatres. You are cordially invited to sit through a rehearsal but kindly remove your hat to free the birds. Our friend Silence patronages freedom. What a glorious irony!

Dear Reader,
Remember when Silence spoke and they peed their pants in panic?

A lot more happened that day. He had thrown a coin in the wishing pond for a sweet voice but ‘universal force’ from above had other plans for him and decided to play a prank on the poor fellow. When he started to speak in front of a room glazed with a sugar-coated audience, the voice came out all squeaky and textured with raw honesty. Our poor little friend did not know that human beings are allergic to honesty in their raw form. They like it toasted, some like it fried too. It’s funny how they vouch for healthy but well, the rest is history.

To this very day, Silence runs into bouts of dysentery at the mere thought of wishing ponds and toasted honesty. No wonder they say ‘watch what you wish for’. He no longer believes that raw honesty is good for stomach because it’s obviously a dish that not many guts can digest.

Lastly, if Silence could speak a bit more and if there were a couple of minutes left on the clock, he would warn you of this sect of people who are stating that he is a liar, forger and some even claim that he has undergone a voice-modulation surgery. “What rubbish! I don’t even own a voice anymore because I exchanged it at a flea market for some mental peace,” clarifies Silence in an exclusive interview with self while smiling in front of the mirror.

Off the topic, he does have dark metaphorical humor because he also brought home a doormat from that very flea market and has ‘Believe me’ written in big red fonts.

Yet when people knock to enter his home, neither they see it, nor use it!

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