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The Half Yours — Half Theirs Theory

The intention is to touch upon several layers of the analogy and attempt to complete the full circle of the thought by perpetually leaving behind half-baked perspectives, to be explored by the reader.

Dear Reader,

Thank you for cutting through the clutter and landing upon something that is not keen on speaking to you in a language you can comprehend in a single read. If you finish all the other write-ups in the profile within few seconds, either you are a super-human or you are one of those who prefer quick fixes and skim through the highlighted phrases — just how you prefer a substandard quickie over a good two hours.

Apologies, it is bad manners to build assumptions without knowing you completely. It is also bad manners to laugh at your stories with sentences like ‘Mah Life, Mah Rulez’ (ignoring the air of coolness in it). Yes, it is absolutely bad manners to even continue flinging non-contextual references at you and wasting your time. You could have been scrolling your Instagram feed right now instead you chose to read.

But if you retort by announcing that it is your decision irrespective and nobody holds the right to decide whether you should read this or scroll the Instagram feed. Also, being an individual of the largest democracy, you hold the right to conclude what is good for you and what isn’t. You have quoted gazillion of times, reader, that this is your life and you have the power to make it large. It is very well understood, but not quite agreed upon.

Life is a concoction of one end that appears half and the other unknown.

Just like when you lend your ears to people who put their feelings to dry on their cheeks –You Half listened

Just like when you disjoint the road that connects your sentences and the real intention — You Half said

Just like when you analyze your moves while making love — You Half felt

Just like when you cheat the consequences with your desires — You Half calculated

Just like when you embrace life in all its rawness – Your Life is Half Yours

Just like the ones you hate, love, fear, respect or worship— Your life is Half Theirs

What is the theory about?

The Half Yours — Half Theirs theory aims to convince you into believing that half of your life decisions are based on your needs or wants and the other half is a blackhole of actions merely sourced from the influence of people who live in your subconscious mind. The relationship between both the halves is directly proportional to each other and is capable of reflecting any good or dire consequence of any decision taken. For instance: Love, friendship, career, love, lust, obsession, heartbreak, parenthood, old-age, death (intentional or unintentional). Therefore, you cannot truly claim that your life is 100% yours in full consciousness.

On having interviewed a few fictional characters about the Half Yours - Half Theirs Theory, it became impossible to keep them away from cribbing or over-sharing about the life they led. The characters kept diverging from the subject. It is observed by experts that the keyword ‘LIFE’ evokes multiple perspectives and understanding of the same among them. The interpretation of LIFE is usually defined as per their current age, mind-frame, top priorities, responsibilities, desires and justifications.

Interviewer: How do you feel about the Half yours, Half Theirs theory that states you have only half access to your LIFE while the other half remains in the hands of the unknown?

“Swiped right. We tried to connect. The TV was the loudest. Swiped Right, again.”

Said the 20-year-old willing to try on soul mates over one common interest. [Half Connected]

“We have fast trains to catch. Big figures to chase. Populate the human race. And die in wrinkles.”

Said the 25-year-old commuter hanging by the door with ambitious and sleepy eyes. [Half awake]

“It’s not just my job. It’s been months now. What to cook for dinner? I’m tired, today.” Said the 30-year-old to spouse daily without fail. [Half keen]

“I must. I should. Maybe. Never mind.” Said the 40-year-old whether to buy an item for self from the wishlist now or wait until the kid graduates. [Half realistic]

“You are good at what you do. Next time, definitely. You are good at what you do. Next time, work harder.” Said the company to a 50-year-old who requested to add more value to his hours. [Half optimistic]

“It’s a routine. Not going to babysit them. Is it even possible now? I am occupied, yes.” Said the 60-year-old on being labelled free and available for other trivial household chores. [Half hopeful]

“It was written. When I was young. You’ll regret it later. Speak louder, moron.” Said the 70 years old losing it over petty things and preaching about the power of acceptance. [Half innocent]

Dear Reader,
Be grateful if you even manage to cross 70. Period.

While the Half Yours, Half Theirs theory remains scattered and undone, the volunteers are searching for relevant people to interview and analyze their experiences to support the theory and publish accurate insights someday.

If you wish to participate in the interview, below are few of the requisites for eligibility: · Should be of age above 18 (Below 18 are under the influence of hormones, the responses are subject to unreliability)

· Must not write/post proses or poetries about LIFE in a personal journal or on social media (The interview requires a clean unadulterated/unbiased perspective)

· Should write fully grammatically correct words of the language chosen for the means of communication (Quickies are forbidden, even here)

· Must have the heart broken by someone else at least once (To understand the negative impact of the theory)

· Must have the heart mended by someone else at least once (To understand the positive impact of the theory)

· Must seek approval/opinions of friends, colleagues, family or strangers for shopping advice. (To study the theory through a common scenario)

The Half Yours — Half Theirs Theory has reached its half — end and waiting for the unknown to influence the other half.

Until then, reader, find loopholes. [Half-Baked]

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